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Just want to expose you some basics about Seo in order to help you gain some rank in google and targeted traffic.
Seo keyword tool is the very very first step you must do. Find some niche and good keyword not competitive. With this you will be able to rank on first page of google without too much work.

After what you can begin to build a site with or without software. For a very good auto blog with unique content, i advice you Auto Blog Samurai (you can read the review by cliking the link).

You can start make money online with a monetize blog using adsense, affiliation or other method. You just have to increase traffic website by using some search engine submission software. You write some good and unique article with your money site link inside, submit it in article directories, bookmark both your article and your money site. After this you will already see an income of traffic. You can go more deeper with backlink builder strategie by add some link in blog comment, forum profile...

Generally, follow this Advanced SEO MEthod:

I ready to give you more advice, tips and help. Just feel free to visit my blog: search engine optimization software